Paper Guillotine

Type 4707

Especially designed for use in office, large administrative, copy centers, copy shops, inhouse printing offices, and small print shops.



  • Cuts a full ream without effort
  • Blade from high quality steel
  • Spindle clamping system
  • Spindle guided backgauge
  • Side lay with measuring scale
  • Fine adjustment of measurement with calibrated scale on the backgauge handle
  • Blade lock and safety guard on front table
  • Adjustable blade depth
  • Back gauge is set by a calibrated crank and easy to read measuring tape
  • The blade can be easily change or re-sharpened repeatedly for precise cutting
  • Toll kit for changing blade

Maximum cutting length : 470 mm
Maximum cutting thickness : 70 mm
Maximum size of the sheet : Up to 470 x 470 mm
Table depth : 470 mm
Dimensions : 740 x 790 x 1210 mm
Weight gross : 115 kg
Weight net : 95 kg


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