Gapura Jaya General trading Company was founded in Indonesia and established in the year 1986 with the vision that creativity would revolutionize the way people interact with paper media.

Over the years Gapura Jaya General Trading Company specializing in printing and copy-center support solution continues to incorporate new ideas and technical efforts on the experience, industry knowledge and customer loyalty.

Vision, Goals & Mission

Gapura Jaya has a vision that creativity would revolutionize the way people interact with paper media.

The company’s goal is to give consumers and enterprise consumers the ability to create, develop and make a good quality of their business.

Moving forward, Gapura Jaya’s mission is to expand our role in the Personal and paper base market, using creative and innovative technology for not just the technically progressive consumers, but for everyone who place quality in their product.

Focusing on “The Best Solutions” as our concept, we at Gapura Jaya General Trading are constantly involved in the development of daring and positive business activities. multiple features and cool industrial designs, the Gapura Jaya brand is synonymous with business solution.


Our corporate statement “Looking for the good thing,” aim us to continue to provide our customers with the good solutions. We will continue to grow and provides “good quality products” incorporating “the right and innovative ” technology, expertise and information, with excellent coordination skills and global-support systems.


Today, Gapura Jaya is widely recognized for product innovation in the paper equipment segments, offering paper users a complete, good quality and innovative working experience working with paper media, hardware and services. Finding the perfect balance between form and function, Creative strives for every product to be smart and powerful product for every day business work.

Gapura Jaya products and solutions are marketed to consumers and system integrators through a worldwide distribution network that include traditional marketing channels, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the Internet.

Gapura Jaya has forged partnerships with some of the industry's top technology companies and developers worldwide, fortifying our strength and provider in product innovation and research & development.


Gapura Jaya has its office headquarter in Central Jakarta, Indonesia and its factory in Parung - Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.

We offer solution in the form of printing and copying support. We provides machinery and supplies for your business.


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